Higher grade materials

Descriptions of the most common materials available, including the strengths and weaknesses of each
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Higher grade materials

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I have an Ender 5 pro. Can I ask if anyone knows wheather or not I can print using such things as Polycarbonate etc?
With my background being firmly in engineering I'm more iinterested in producing structural objects and components. Clearly PLA is not a suitable material. If my printer is not suitable for this type of printing then I will probably have to buy a much more expensive model such as the Ender 6.
Thanks in advance

Mitch x
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Re: Higher grade materials

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Hi Mitch

The short answer to this is YES. The Ender 5 Pro is definitely capable of printing the higher grade materials, however you would need to modify your current setup. I think I'm right in saying that you would need to construct a heated enclosure, replace the hot end with an all metal hot end, and almost certainly use a different and more suitable bed plate.

Without these.. bed adhesion can become a total nightmare. Warping due to even the slightest draft will destroy your print, and your standard Brass nozzle will wear out in no time due to the abrasive nature of these filaments. That is of course if you even manage to get the stuff through the nozzle without expansion issues!! :?

The good news is that all of that can be achieved with modest cost and a bit of work. You are definitely up to that, especially given your background 8-)

Our Technical Guru Robert (Robm1989) also owns an Ender 5 Pro and I know he prints in Polycarbonate on a regular basis. No doubt he'll be along to give you far more information about this topic than I can.

Hope this helps partially for now at least

You know you've done a good job of uprading your printer when you have some screws and wire left over but it still works! :shock:
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