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This is a totally new entity aimed at anyone and everyone involved in the fantastic world of 3d printing.

Our sincere aim is to provide a friendly yet powerful platform where our members can seek help, discuss ideas, share knowledge and encourage all those people who currently struggle to find answers to the common problems, frustrations, and pitfalls that so many of us have already experienced.

The internet is a minefield if you are seeking help about this technology. People find themselves reading through pages and pages on nondescript sites in a futile attempt to find an appropriate solution to their specific problem. The Worst case scenario is they are often told that their equipment is faulty and thus advised to replace stepper motors or mother boards etc. Almost is always the case that a tweak to their slicing software settings or printer setup, or indeed just having the correct firmware, will resolve the issue.

All good things have to start somewhere

Keep in mind that our site is very new, only having been launched as of 1st April 2021. We currently have just a handful of members.Even so, careful thought has been given to the initial layout and structure of our forums. We think we have provided a firm basis for a community such as this to expand and grow. We intend to always cater for our members needs, adding content and structure as needed.

Furthermore, we want to provide a home to members at any level of experience. Most importantly, we want to help those new to 3d printing. Guiding them through the learning process and overcoming the inevitable pitfalls lying in wait.

If you like what you've read here then please visit our forums as a guest. The only restriction is that you can't post or contribute. We hope you will clearly see what we are trying to achieve and will sign-up as a Registered Member.


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A valid email address is required but will never be shared with ANY third party.

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Our site carries SSL certificated security, providing one to one encrypted data connection between your Web Browser and the site.


We actively encourage our members to include photos in their posts. These can be easily attached to your posts and are then stored on our own server, so no need for remote photo hosting links. 

A reassurance to contributors

There are knowledgeable, wizards and gurus out there who often try their best to help answer questions on the nondescript sites mentioned previously. These wonderful people find themselves frustrated by distracting or non-relevant posts hampering their attempts to answer a specific question. Our staff will ensure that posts stay on topic to prevent distraction.